Selling a house is a massive undertaking. There are a lot of different moving pieces that can affect the sale, closing date, and value. When you sell your house in an auction, you have more control.


Unlike selling your home on the traditional real estate market, when you sell your home at auction, there is no price cap. You can truly get the maximum possible amount from your house.

Sale Date

Typically, when you sell a home, you are at the mercy of potential buyers and their timelines. You may want to sell your home in a few months to coincide with your relocation. However, you had to list it earlier to drum up interest and now someone is making an offer too early. Where will you live in the meantime? In a home auction, you get to control the date of sale to when it’s most convenient for you.


Sometimes the traditional real estate market can feel like passing notes back and forth in grade school. Check “yes” or “no”. When your home is being sold at auction, there are no games. You can watch your auction live online and see exactly what is going on with your own eyes.

Prepping for Sale

Trying to figure out what improvements will help you get the best return on your investment is frustrating if you aren’t familiar with the industry. When you auction your home with Don Rose Auction & Realty, we help get your home ready to sell with the necessary improvements we know will make a difference. We handle the charges for improvements upfront and those costs simply come out of the profits in the end. You don’t have to front large amounts of cash to get your home in the best position to sell.

Contingencies & Time Delays

Auctions give you the ability to sell your home with no contingencies. That means you can forego the long wait for an inspection with a potential buyer, only for them to change their mind or have financing fall through. We do an initial inspection that can be made available to buyers with no wait time. Your home’s sale is not delayed, and you won’t have to go through a long list of tasks to complete the sale.

Selling Your Assets Can Be Easy!


If you have a lot of stuff you need to rehome, you could be feeling helpless and thinking that it will never end.
How many people are going to ask “Is this still available?” How many garage sales will it take before you give up and start taking pennies on the dollar? You deserve an easier, more dignified process.

Let us bring the buyers to you! Our auctions are marketed to the entire United States and are built online so you can watch them from the comfort of your couch at home. We even have an app so your sale items can get in front of more potential buyers.


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